Embracing the power of helping other people is always in a missionary’s heart. It is a kind of passion that cultivates your heart and soul and inspires a multitude of others to do the same.

Stories of people’s passion to help or serve other people is always an inspiration to anyone. Sometimes, it even pushes individuals to also take a stand and reach out to those who need help the most. It’s a kind of passion that gives and gives without expecting anything in return. As it should be, helping and serving others is a mission that should be cultivated and nurtured well.

The heart of a missionary is of service. Compassion and selflessness are among the values that God Himself taught and encourages all of us to practice. In selflessly helping and serving other people comes fulfillment and joy that is unparalleled. Besides that, it’s also a mission to proclaim His words and teachings in the hope that others will do the same.
If someone is set on developing a life of mission and service, there surely are some challenges along the way. These challenges may test one’s patience as they come but this will also make the soul stronger and the heart fuller.

On Becoming Passionate about Helping Others
In order for you to know if you have a heart of a missionary, one must go where help is needed. Knowing if this path is truly your calling is truly personal.

Start small. Deciding where to start is a challenge. Keep in mind that cultivating the passion and heart of a missionary starts simple. To know if this is truly God’s plan for you, serving or helping others can start at home and grow from there. Cultivating a heart of service, after all, starts with you, your home, or your community.

Connect with your local church ministry. Immersing yourself in the movement does not immediately have to be in different parts of the world. There are small organized missions you can always participate in within your local church ministry. This way you can understand how missions work before you sign up for big and cross-cultural missions. It all matters on how willing you are to start knocking on small doors until a big opportunity opens up for you.

Short-term missions are available. If you are at a point where your passion for serving has already grown and you now want to do more, you can start with signing up for short-term missions for you to test your waters. These short-term missions can become your training ground and your starting point while you aim to do more.

Let your faith guide you. A lot of people always say that if it’s your true calling, it should lead you to a path that you should follow. For individuals who have nurtured the heart of a missionary and found true joy in helping those who are in need, their calling just comes naturally. Their faith and all of its teachings have guided them to the path that they are all called to follow and actions that they are called to take.

On Having a Missionary Heart

Taking action is one of the core values of being a missionary. Following God’s purpose of serving and helping others is realized by not by one’s thoughts but by one’s action. Digging deeper, it lies in God’s way of working in one’s heart. If He calls you to serve, it’s your duty to answer it wholly and selflessly.

Proclaiming God’s words and teachings is also part of a missionary’s duties. It’s always fulfilling for them to see how their helping hand and their preaching spirit has touched the lives of the people they have reached. When God blesses you with gifts, a missionary’s heart is to share those gifts with others so that they may be inspired to do the same in their own little ways.

Living a life of mission takes you away from a life of comfort that you have always known. But through helping other people selflessly and compassionately, you will surely find comfort in knowing that God has a plan for you to fulfill. As you embrace and nurture having a missionary’s heart, you will be able to find passion in using the power of helping other people.


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