How kind have we been today? How many acts of kindness and selflessness have we shown today? Sometimes, we forget about the very essential things in life. Those which will make us happy and fulfilled and thankful that we ever live in his life, we tend to overlook and miss. I believe that every grade-schooler has been taught about kindness and compassion and that has included each of us when we were little. What could have happened to us as we grow and enrich our understanding of the world that we often are more demanding and inconsiderate than the little children?


Lucky people are compassionate


Compassion. This is what we miss. Yes, we do love in many forms and we do kindness for many reasons. However, developing compassion is the greater manifestation of love and kindness combined. We feel compassion for people whom we think are deprived and that needed our attention. This does not mean the negative form of pity. Rather, this means that we have been in a more blessed state of mind and being that we feel compelled to share what we have with those who lack them. Compassion is a mark of how blessed we realize we are.


There are a million people who needed help around the world. Many of them are those who do not have any to eat or any comfort to sleep with. With our limited capacity, we feel hopeless that we cannot help such people whom we think deserve our compassion. But the real thing is, even when we are put in such a situation near to those who are need and even if we do have much of what we need, when we do not have the adequate heart and insurmountable compassion, we would not have been able to share whatever we have.



Simple Acts of Compassion


We are put in a place where we are called to serve. Every single person around us – parents, siblings, friends, workmates, bosses, street – passersby, neighbors – are in silent call for our compassion. A single smile. A single act of consideration. A single “thank you” and “I’m sorry”. A single greeting. A single laughing at someone’s joke. A single act of cleaning and putting in order something that came off at our table. A single act of following civil rules. A single act of respect, kindness, patience, honesty, humility and cooperation.



What Compassion Does to Us


Every single good act that we do changes our world – changes how we view our world. A single act of these things feed the hungry – the hungry soul that most needed our compassion. Yes, what makes the stomach full is not the amount of food that is being given. It’s the amount of compassion – love, comfort, unconditional kindness – that fills the person’s entire being. This is what touches the hearts. This is what fulfills our main jobs as missionaries here in this world. Everybody has a mission but compassion is the mission that we have in common. Indeed, when we satisfy this, we will realize that we have been living a happy and great life which has fulfilled its purpose.


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