Memories are basically the records of the life that we live here on earth. Usually, they serve as the bank of knowledge where we go to whenever we find ourselves both in messy and promising situations. But mostly, we find that we only need a single memory of goodness, or ill, to pursue one event in life. It is because memories are evidences of how the world has been toward us in our glorious and vulnerable moments. These memories initiate important emotions that we harbor and set the track for the rest of our lives. It is said that it is only the memories that we can call our own in this world. We don’t own our life. We don’t own our family. We don’t own the possessions that we have forever. But our memories are innately ours. We are accountable for them. We can change them, or in other words, we can interpret them in another way. And because, they are our very own, memories hold lasting values in our lives.


            Sign of the kind of life we live


Memories are accounts of whatever that we do in this world. They are the only possession that legally remains in our life when we get old. When we think back and feel grateful for whatever we have done and have experienced, we attest that we get to live a worthy life. When we can only remember events that are filled with rage, disappointment, and the incapability to forgive, memories attest that we might have been living an incomplete life.


Compass for our future


Memories initiate what we might do later in life. Wonderful memories prompt us to do great in the same field later on. Disappointing memories prompt us to do unfair things in the same field which will actually continue to rage on later in life. Though there could be a reverse psychology involve, inspiring memories are those which yield positive outcomes in the future.


When we are lost, it is the memories that we have that take us to places and time which tell us who we are and where we should go that most likely refer to the people and places that have captured our hearts in some moments of time.


Memories and Determination


What determines success involve memories that build up the determination to become one. When we are down, what makeup stand up are the memories that motivate and give us reasons to start standing up in the first place.


Memories contain emotions


It has been sung in so many songs the memories that build up relationships and still contain the same emotions decades after. Problems, difficulties, any sort of struggle, whatever they are, in time, they only become memories. Those moments which have taken so much of our strength and have stirred up so much our emotions become the most memorable. Most often, when we remember them, we just laugh at how foolish we have been in fighting our ways. We know that when we encounter situations that are similar, we choose consequences that greatly align with how we have felt before.




Make compelling and enduring memories


The key at present moment lies in making memories that will remind us in the future of the reasons to live and to pursue our dreams and missions in life. When we do not build them today, even in little things, we would lose the will to work for the same venture in the future.


We would not become who we used to be. Of course, nobody really stays the same amidst the pressure of the changing times. The only things that endure through time are the emotions that have compelled us to actions that transform ourselves.


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