Five Inspiring Reasons to Re-Engage in Mission Trips in 2022

With travel at the center of overseas mission work, the pandemic continues raising questions about whether to cross borders and continue the work. Missionaries across the world are feeling the tension between calling and risk. Pretty much mission work is at a standstill. Fortunately, vaccinations have been proliferating. 

After almost two years of canceled plans, mission trips hope to rebound from the pandemic lull. Enter a new time in our culture of taking extra steps going forward to mitigate the seismic impact of this crisis on everyone. With luck, this will be a welcome breakthrough for missions. 

People have grown accustomed to the simplicity, much content to never venture outside the comforts of their homes. Sadly, this new habit has a downside, especially for missionaries who’ve unintentionally canceled trips, and that is all the good things left behind. These include the new experiences that can help us learn and grow. The opportunities to answer God’s call and serve others in a way to shine light in the darkness. And the activities that draw us closer to the Kingdom of God. All these will be lost if you won’t re-engage in mission trips. 

So as you look ahead and start thinking about big plans for the future, here are some inspiring reasons to re-engage in mission trips worth considering. 

Be the Light Nations Desperately Needs

The pandemic and the resulting economic recession have negatively affected many people, be it mental health or health in general. Some developing countries are struggling even before the novel coronavirus. This only added more challenges, and people are losing hope. Remember, when you participate in mission trips, you get a unique opportunity to help people across the street, across the country, or in another part of the world entirely. Re-engaging with mission trips creates a ripple effect that impact and empower local people during this uncertain times.  

Break Out from the Rhythms of the Pandemic

Aside from traveling to new locales and experiencing new things, a mission trip is an ideal opportunity for people to come together after spending so much time apart. Of course, many are happy to see the back of this terrible year, but some also feel socially rusty in crowds. Spending less time with others, doing your own thing in your little corner may have gotten you used to it, but the end of the pandemic seems to be arms away. It’s critical to remind yourself of the importance of spending time on the margins. The pandemic fatigue may have developed people’s antisocial side, but maybe a mission trip might help us come back together. 

Reconnect with Communities 

An irony emerged amid the isolation and lockdown. The pandemic prompted people to reconnect with friends, neighbors, and families. Usual routines turned upside down, having every single person examine what’s important in life after learning how things can change so quickly. The change brought a new way of living wherein many are prompted to deepen relationships with others. So whether you miss old friends or looking to connect with the family you’ve met during your previous mission, make 2022 the year to reconnect with the communities you’ve once served. 

Provide Critical Services

Dr. Conner’s mission for Ethiopia was truly inspiring. Who would’ve thought that lending a hand to people in need could drive a positive change in life? Fragile and conflict-affected developing economies have been hit the hardest by the pandemic, and they need help more than ever. The economic damage reflects in the way of living of people in that country. While their government has started to respond, their capacity is tightly constrained. These developing countries need aid, and you might be the helping hand they need. A mission trip doesn’t have to focus on church planting; it can be related to education and medical aid. 

Experience the Power of God Once Again

The sudden halt of living has left people drowning in despair. Some were left depressed. Some lost hope. While some are anxious about the bleak future ahead. On the flip side, this isolation provided time to reflect on the value of missions and faith in God. Partaking in a mission trip allows not only you to experience the power of God once again but also others who seem to lose faith. Nothing will develop your faith more fully than serving in a new place. Like a muscle, faith grows when used. On mission trips, faith grows in the process.  


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