How to Help End Global Famine in Your Own Little Ways 

One thing you should know about the global humanitarian crisis these days is that it is getting worse every day. Thus, helping in little ways as much as possible is a must. According to recent reports by United Nations Children’s Fund, the cause of nearly half of all deaths in children under age five is malnutrition. With the COVID – 19 pandemic, it is not hard to say that strained countries have been struggling even more with poverty and food insecurity. It is also expected that people in these places are not getting the healthcare they need as the healthcare industry is overburdened. With that being said, now is the perfect time to help stop these harsh realities.

There are many reasons for you to help with this factor. Imagine children and young infants, as vulnerable as them, having a hard time being exposed to the privilege of food. As per UNICEF, an estimated one in four children worldwide are stunted because of chronic malnourishment. Places like Ethiopia, a country on the horn of Africa, have particular communities struggling with Famine. One of the memoirs that display the devastating situation in the place is The Face of Hunger: Reflections on a Famine in Ethiopia by Dr. Byron Conner. This book gave a glimpse of his experiences when he and his family went there for a missionary trip. Dr. Conner’s experiences in Ethiopia will open your eyes to the realities of a humanitarian crisis—how catastrophic it can get. This famine has threatened many lives of Ethiopian citizens. Reading this memoir will inspire you to do better and help people in certain areas experiencing these. 

Even little actions can contribute to stopping this shattering situation matters. Below are some of how you can help prevent famine globally in your own little ways:

Make Small Donations

Making a small amount of donations matters. There are people and organizations raising funds for these kinds of crises—even the smallest donations matter, like donating used clothes or sending out goods. If you are able, you should. These small actions are one of the ways you can help. You may feel like it will not make any difference, but it truly does; it helps reach fundraising goals. It also helps organizations have a great opportunity for long-term growth; receiving small donations will encourage more people to do so. 

Be Informed of the Situation

Reading about the situations like these in the world will help you understand them and make you compassionate towards others. Simply hearing news from mainstream media or different news outlets is not enough. They tend to simplify it. Books that feature more in-depth information about these crises can help you know the roots or contribute to this famine. As mentioned, memoirs like Dr. Conner’s are great examples of this. These kinds of storytelling motivate readers to help since it evokes emotions, making them feel something. This way, people will take more action.

Support Organizations

Aside from making simple donations, organizations have been making their social media presence strong. You can help by sharing their posts so more people will know more about them. Imagine that if you share a post about them and have a certain amount of following, people will also start sharing them. If not, it will prompt more to make donations. Just simply sharing posts from meaningful organizations will influence many people to do the same. 

In conclusion, a humanitarian crisis is undeniably happening, and it is not a good look. People from specific areas have been grappling with living. Many children are not exposed to the proper nutrition and healthcare they need. With everything that is happening in the world right now, maybe helping is not on top of your list. Nevertheless, a small help from you can never hurt you. And a little effort to share posts on your social media won’t take too much time.  The need for inspiration in times of a pandemic can never be denied; reading about the situation can also help you. Hopefully, this article has motivated you in a way or two to help in your own little ways. May all humanity strive to give their very best to help each other. 

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