Any big endeavor also accounts for big challenges. Naturally, these big opportunities are not for the weak of heart. Those who do not risk will not discover the great things ahead of them. Risking is like crossing the busy roads while closing your eyes. You know that the path you are taking will indeed bring you to the destination you want. But, you also know that this path would likely take your life – and everything that you have – in an instant. Risking is certainly not an act that you do only once. Crossing just one road will not bring you far. Taking one chance will not bring you to massive success. And take note that every success is actually holds massive impact for the person who achieves it. You need something that has to fuel that courage you have from the very start of the journey to risk everything that you cross with.


Just do it anyway


Persistence. It is the continuing action with what you have started towards your ultimate goal. Whether you get forward or backward, you never stop persisting. Every person who has been successful in the world can attest that persistence is what they have in common in order to achieve. They never stop going towards their goal. They take failure head on. They risk losing what they had in order to gain more. They dare to learn to lose. They dare to finish the impossible but amazing race. Most of these successful persons do not really have any special ability and strategy. Oftentimes, they only apply one principle, it is to do again and again the one thing they are good at – persisting.


Examine your reason          


One of the most heartbreaking barriers to persistence is the thought that you are not happy with what you are doing at present. With this state of mind, your goals become vague and unreachable. When you have lost the urge, you couldn’t persist on anything that you pursue which translates to you not reaching your goal. Thus, in order to persist, you need to continuously examine your purpose for reaching your goal. The greater the reason that you see in completing it, the more persistent you become in overcoming it. Being successful is actually just a manifestation of the great the growth that you have made in your character. In fact, it is with undying persistence that makes many people adore someone who has been successful.


Be consistent


            If you cannot concentrate your mind in one thing, that’s when you start to get frustrated. Sort out your thoughts and focus on something that you can work on for long. Have it in your daily routine. With consistency, you become able to master at that one thing that you are doing.


Among the most helpful and adorable things to be consistent which will help you to move towards your successful end includes taking and pasting notes of the things that you want to accomplish at every place you visit or stay at every day.  Then, have a specific time to look at them such as during every break time. You could also write your progress for whatever you have done in every single day which contributes to the achievement of your goal. In this way, you continuously examine yourself – your convictions and your actions – whether you have a short or a long time to go before you can reach your goal. After all, you can never attest the possibility of your goal if you have not done anything to achieve it. Your actions will also add up to your convictions to continue what you have started. Your actions, especially those little and ordinary accomplishments in every day, will make you feel and be aware of your worth which indeed is a powerful fuel in touching the lives of other people, who in turn, touch your life as well. That’s when you certainly become successful.

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