Reasons to Care about Ending World Hunger

The importance of food is obvious and essential. Eating meals three times a day provides us the nutrients and energy to develop, grow, move, play, work, think, and be active. Access to food is a basic human right—vital for good health and ultimately for life itself. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to food. Some are lucky to eat once a day, and some would go hungry the entire day. 

Ensuring that everyone has daily access to nutritious food has been a challenge for some nations. In a world of abundant wealth and resources, it is unacceptable how there are still people suffering from food insecurity. Timor-Leste, Madagascar, Haiti, and Mozambique are only four of the few countries mostly affected by hunger and malnutrition as of 2020. Imagine how hundreds of million people are facing severe food deprivation and looming famine. 

The good news is that the United Nations and its agencies are working to reduce, probably end, world hunger by taking big steps to purge this problem. But what’s your role in this? Why should you care? Continue reading to find out why you should get involved with this ongoing challenge. 

There are Still Millions Who Go Hungry Every Day

There is more than enough food produced to feed the global population. However, there are still 811 million people who go hungry each night. They regularly do not get enough nutritious food to eat each day. They also consume far less than the required amount for sound health and growth. World hunger has steadily declined for decades, but a recent study shows that there is a spike between 2019 and 2020. The number of undernourished people grew by a million primarily due to conflict, climate change, and the Covid-19 pandemic. This alone must urge us to get involved and care to end this global problem. 

We Can Make a Difference

According to Dame Magazine, food deprivation results from broader economic, geographic, social, and political forces that are influenced by systemic factors. With a lot more people aware of this silent pandemic, we can urge politicians to take action. Just as powerful as a policy are people who use their voices to advocate for those struggling with hunger. Many of us can make a difference and change the lives of so many people through our voices. While Dr. Byron Conner did help personally in the crisis in Ethiopia in the 80s. His words and personal experience, transcribed into the book The Face of Hunger: Reflections On A Famine In Ethiopia, do help spread awareness on the problems of hunger we have decades ago to this day. 

Vital for Many Children’s Future

Hunger kills more people each year than other diseases combined. Highly affected by this food deprivation are children. The United Nations found that 66 million primary-school students attend class hungry. Malnutrition has led to stunted growth for most children, which is irreversible. Hunger has a ripple effect on human development resulting in children developing impaired cognitive ability, low concentration, and being more prone to diseases.

Additionally, inadequate nutrition led to preventable deaths of many children, especially in developing countries. Every day children are dying from hunger-related causes. Ending world hunger is vital for many children’s future or else they will not be able to achieve development goals such as education, health, and gender equality. 

There’s Momentum

Before this increase in hunger in recent years, the world made significant progress in reducing hunger. In fact, world leaders once joined forces with the United Nations and civil society to achieve a common goal: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. There’s significant progress that’s been made thus far, and we can’t let it stop now. We must continue to urge world leaders and our community to move forward with efforts to end world hunger. 

Hunger may not directly affect you, but why still care, though? The answer is simple; everyone deserves access to healthy food. A food for thought for those still hesitating to get involved: it is only together that we can build a world where meals are shared, everyone has a seat at the table, and there is always enough food to go around. World hunger may seem too big for any of us to fix but making small changes in our own lives can contribute to finding world hunger solutions. We all want to build a better future for the coming generation, and it can only be done if we’ve eliminated most of the problems our world is facing. And ending world hunger is a crucial piece to this goal.



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