What You Need to Know About Missionary Work

Dr. Byron Conner is a doctor, army veteran, author, and God sent. In the 1980’s, Dr. Conner and his family set out to Ethiopia to do missionary work. A missionary work that he nor his family ever expected to do. It was sort of calling that changed their lives forever. In his book, The Face of Hunger, provides reflections on a famine in Ethiopia. The book is a memoir of his missionary work that will inspire anyone to go on missionary works themselves. 

When you hear the word missionary work. A picture would immediately come into mind. A vision of you or anyone setting out to provide services and help. Every missionary has a mission of helping people who needed it most. Missionary work addresses the help needed both physically and spiritually. The help a missionary work can bring is wide ranging. The help can be evangelism, education, social justice, and medical missions. 

To become a missionary is a noble pursuit. Missionaries can be considered God sent for their unconditional help and service to the needy. Organizing missionary works is humbling, rewarding, and challenging all at the same time. This type of work may sound exciting that you would want to go on a mission immediately. However, there are certain things that you should know before becoming a missionary to prepare you for what to come.

Missionary Work Brings a Life-Changing Experience

The first thing you should know about missionary work is that it is life-changing. Going to missions does not mean going to luxurious places. You will be sent out to third-world and exotic countries. You get to have first-hand experiences of that country’s struggles such as famine, poverty, and diseases. Helping out places with struggles will forever change your outlook in life. You will see and comprehend things that you never knew before. You will find a new reality. You will learn to be grateful of the little details and the smallest things in your life. Whether your mission was short-term or long-term, there will be changes in life. Not only to you but to the people you reached out to. Doing missionary work would make you want to do it again and again to help.

Missionary Work is a Roller-Coaster Ride

Missionary work is not a straight path but a roller-coaster ride similar to life. When you go on a mission, you must always expect the bad and the good. It may seem fun and exciting on the television but it is harder than you thought. You will be faced with difficulties, weaknesses, and inadequacies. Difficulties in reaching out and difficulties with the language barrier. However, if you wanted to pursue missionary works, this should not stop you. The best thing to do when going on missions is to not set high expectations but only a few realistic ones. When faced with communication difficulties then speak without words. Actions are louder than words they say. Despite the language barrier, a person’s action can convey more than you think it will. One thing that is great in missionary work is despite the conflicts and difficulties, you will soon find a way to connect with people to achieve a common goal.

Missionary Work Provides Lasting Memories

Missionary works can sometimes be agonizing, especially when you see how hard life can be for others. It can bring memories that would trigger sadness. However, there will be good memories as well. Going on missions is a learning experience. You will learn new things and culture. You will meet new people. Help many people. Work with other people. You will make connections. Expect the aforementioned to happen when doing missionary work. After your mission, you will bring with you knowledge and lasting memories that will be forever engraved in your mind. Good memories that you will cherish for eternity.

Missionary Work is Like Going to the Unknown

The last thing you should know about doing missionary work is that it is similar to exploring the unknown. No matter what you were told or saw on the television and even the internet, when you arrive at the place, it is nothing that what you would expect. It will be something new. Something unknown. Some would experience culture shock and depression to the conditions of that country or place. Some things won’t make sense. You may have planned out how you’re going to achieve your goals. However, when you get to your mission, it can be quite hard. You will face rejection, sorrow, and so much more. Nonetheless, that is what’s great in going on missionary work. You will be able to learn new things. You will learn how to adapt, approach, and connect with a variety of people. 

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